Hardware Product Research & Development


In the Research and Development (R&D) stage of hardware development, you're likely in the thick of creative problem solving, market research, and cost research in order to find product-market-fit.

In this section, you'll find articles to guide and inspire you, as you explore what's possible and plant the seeds for innovation.

Table of Contents

Guide for startups on how to get the most out of hardware accelerator programs.

The vision behind Nebia, a Y Combinator-backed shower head raising $2.5 million and counti

Many people think creativity is innate, but in my experience, creativity is something you have to practice every day.

As Thomas Edison once said, “Discontent is the first necessity of progress.” Many entrepreneurs set out to build a product out of personal frustration.

Why was Boeing's 747 such a huge success, while BAC's Concorde is currently out of commission?